Slideluck accepts submissions for events all over the world. The process is the same for all events you submit to. Scroll down for details…


We are also always accepting rolling submissions for our shows in New York and elsewhere.  All work is collected through Submittable.


– Slideluck shows generally consist of 20-25 artists, with each artist featuring up to five minutes of original work.

– In most cases, this is a slideshow of between 15 to 40 images. We recommend 20 – 30 images.

– Every image must be at least 1024×768 pixels. We strongly recommend that you submit images that are 1080 pixels in height for maintaining the highest standards of quality. The width will be determined by the aspect ratio of your images.

– Every slideshow is set to music or an audio recording that the artist has selected. You will need to upload a music file during the submissions process. On average, each slideshow image will be projected for four seconds, so check that your audio track is longer than that time period multiplied by the number of submission slides (for example, a slideshow containing 30 slides would last approximately 120 seconds or two minutes – four times thirty equals 120). In some instances, the audio requirement may be waived or altered on specific calls for specific events. Please double check the details of the call! For copyright purposes, all audio included in submissions must be open-sourced.  You can search for open-sourced music through resources such as the Free Music Archive or Creative Commons. Submissions containing copyrighted music may be subject to change by the Slideluck Team. Please contact us at with direct questions.

– We generally accept all types of submissions, as long as the work can be represented fairly in a slideshow format. Please adhere to the individual theme or other requirements detailed in the individual call for entries from the particular city and event you are submitting to. Details about all our open calls can be found here.

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– Along with your images, you will need to supply three additional slides- one with your name and the title of the project (if applicable), a music credit slide, and a slide with your contact info or representation.

– Pre-produced multimedia submissions are also welcome, as long as they fit within our guidelines and format.

-If you need help email us at


 Step 1:

Find the Slideluck that you would like to submit to on Submittable.  Each Slideluck chapter has it’s own set of guidelines, so be sure to read each call thoroughly.  Before you send in your work, you will be asked to create a free Submittable account.

Step 2:

Fill out the submission questionnaire with information about yourself and your work.  Please answer as accurately as possible.

Step 3:

Upload your ordered images and music as .zip file or movie file where prompted. Make sure they meet the specifications and please include the title slides. Click here for inspiration from past Slideluck events.

Step 4:

Click “submit”.

Please note that you can submit the work album to multiple events, but please be aware that you may have to pay a separate submission fee for each event that charges one.


File Type: JPEG

Colorspace: sRGB

Pixel Dimensions: Minimum of 1024×768, we highly recommended to submit images that are at least 1080 pixels in height.

Please also make the following slides as jpegs at 1440 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high:

1 – Title slide with your name (and the title of the project if applicable) for the beginning of your slideshow

2 – Music credit slide

3 – End slide with your contact info or representation


We accept only Quicktime .mov and .mp4 files with the following specifications:

– compressed with the h.264 codec
– at least 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high. We strongly recommend that you submit video at full High Definition resolution- 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.
– running 30 or 29.97 frames per second for events in North America and Japan, 25 frames per second in all other countries
– under 300MB
– no longer than 5 minutes, maximum

Please make sure that your piece begins with a clear title card, including your name, and ends with proper credits including contact information and music credit.

We cannot accept Soundslides files, flash files, or other formats.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at:



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