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Interested in starting your own Slideluck?

Fantastic! We are always looking to facilitate individuals and organizations that want to make Slideluck a stable platform for creative expression in their community. Launching a Slideluck means working closely with the materials developed by the Slideluck Global team to successfully realize the first event in your city. Slideluck ® is an internationally recognized brand and registered trademark. Our goal is to empower a Local Director and their team to continue producing exciting, high-quality Slideluck events for years to come.

Starting a Slideluck is a lot of work, but it’s not unmanageable and it’s incredibly rewarding – especially if you have a good team working with you. The Local Director and his or her team works closely with a team at Slideluck Global to create our unique combination of art slideshow paired with a potluck-style dinner. Bringing more than twelve years of production experience to the table, the Global staff will be on hand to field questions and can help network with artists and curators, send the call for submissions, proof materials, construct slideshows, and provide general administrative and design support to local teams. Slideluck Global representatives will be present at the launch event, helping to AZ-103
ms-300ensure a smooth, successful production. Each local Slideluck event will have its own customizable web page and event photos and slideshows will be available on the Slideluck website.

Candidates for Local Director must be approved by Slideluck Global. Cost varies depending on the scale of your production, travel expenses, and level of support provided by the Slideluck Global team, but we have a history of working within many budgets.

Excited? So are we! Now, before you begin thinking about artists, venues, and collaborators, the first step is to simply fill out our questionnaire – START BY CLICKING HERE.

If you would like to get involved and start your own Slideluck Youth Initiative, please contact, Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing through the eyes of your students!

Have questions? No problem! Contact us at


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