Slideluck Local Director Application

Thank you for your interest in bringing Slideluck to your city! As a way for us to get to know a little about you MB-240
MB-300and the resources available to you, please take a moment to answer the questions below and return it to



    Phone Number


    How did you hear about Slideluck?

    Are you involved in photography or the arts community (professionally or as a hobby)?

    What do you do for a living (if not photography)?

    What city/country do you want to bring Slideluck to?

    How long have you lived there?

    Have you lived in or been associated with any other cities?

    Have you attended a Slideluck before? If so, where?

    Have you been involved in the production of a Slideluck before?

    Why do you want to produce a Slideluck in your city?

    Why would your city be a good place to produce a Slideluck?

    Are you/would the production be associated with any organizations or festivals in your city?

    If so, what resources will they provide?

    Do you have potential team members in mind or already on board?

    Would you be open to collaborating with other contacts Slideluck may have in your city?

    What resources/contacts in your city could you bring to the production of an Slideluck?

    Do you have a location or date already in mind?

    Do you have access or ideas for local sponsors to cover the costs of this event?

    Would you be on board to produce subsequent Slideluck in your city?

    Do you have any questions or concerns for us at Slideluck Global?


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