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The inspiration came from a trip Dennis took to a turtle-breeding farm in Singapore, stating, “We are going to grow traders just like they grow turtles.” Not only is it well written and easy and exiting to read, but I learned a tremendous amount. For those who like inspiring books about successful trading, this one is as good as they come. But beyond the cheer leading, it examines the darker and more complex side of what winning means and how to keep what you’ve made for the long run. For these reasons this book is an easy pick for my list of top ten trading books of all time. The Complete TurtleTrader was written to narrate a moving story of ordinary turned into riches with few techniques applied. Much, this book was complete with personal interviews of the turtles that may serve as an inspiration for those who dream of achieving the same.

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This book is one chapter investing tips and the rest is the story of the legendary Turtle Traders. As a UVa alumnus, it was fun to read about how a fellow former Hoo was at the conception of Turtle Trading and is one of the most successful traders in the world today right out of Richmond, Virginia. After having a debate with his partner, William Eckhardt, about whether trading is learnable or an inborn talent, they proposed an experiment where they would spend two weeks training novices in the science of trading and then give them each $1 million to invest.

Some turtles refuse to speak and some like Curtis Faith who have written their own books about turtle-trading are in dispute with this author. I did not learn anything new from this, still it makes for an engrossing read. The legend of the Turtles is still there though its fading from the memory of the traders. Michael Covel tries to put the pieces together and he is partly successful. Things have changed so much in the markets since the time the ‘Turtle-training’ program was started by Richard Dennis in the 1980s.

The author also includes comments on how individual traders can apply the Turtle techniques and philosophy themselves. Some of the Turtles did great, continuing on in the tradition of successful trend traders, others gave trading a shot but failed to repeat their prior performance, and still others became near total losers. The ongoing experiment shows that there is more to it than just following mechanical trading rules.

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I liked the way the author writes the book as a narrative, and portrays the participants as characters, at a point in time and place. I would have liked more information on what the traders’ day to day life was like – the 2-3 years went very fast in the book. Also, since they were all taught the same rules and position sizing algorithms, a bit of analysis on why their relative results differed so much . I would also like to have heard more about William Eckhardt which sounds like did most of the training. In The Complete TurtleTrader, as the subtitle suggests, Covel tells the story of the Turtles from the selection process which brought together two very diverse groups of people in 1983 and 1984 all the way through to where they are today.

But if you are a fundamental investor like me, I think it is better for you to save your money for another book. This book is about technical trading and trend following.

The Complete TurtleTrader Review

Although I personally use fundamental analysis, I do think that we can learn from another field. With this newfound knowledge, maybe we are able to improve our investing technique. Quite apart from enjoying the ride, this must also count as one of the most inspirational trading books ever written. Ok, anyone with a modicum of discipline and intelligence – but that includes you, right? If you are looking for a trading system to go and implement today, then reading The Complete Turtle Trader is probably not the most efficient way of going about that. Covel is very good at bringing personalities to life, and in the Turtles and the surrounding figures, he has some big personalities to play with.

Covel tracks the rise of Richard Dennis from teenage trader, through the pits of Chicago’s commodity markets and on to running a hedge fund from a skyscraper office. Although it is written to provide the background to the main story, Dennis’ rise to fame and riches is almost as inspiring as the Turtles themselves. I was excited at the start and the first third of the book was quite captivating. And in the end I don’t think he gave any real trading tips except to pay attention to trends and don’t hold onto commodities too long. Then toward the end the author was a real turn-off, mostly whining and insulting a few turtles who didn’t want to cooperate for this book.

Way Of The Turtle The Secret Methods That Turned Ordinary People Into Legendary Traders

Within two weeks, Dennis administered education and knowledge transfer, conducted intensive lectures about investment principles and practices, and later onset them to start trading using his million-dollar allowance and the skills he imparted. As a result, Dennis profited an estimated amount of $100,000,000 from his turtles that made him the one-shot legend in Wall Street. If you like to read financial story or use technical analysis, I think it is okay.

The Complete TurtleTrader Review

From the many interviews I have conducted for the Two Blokes Trading podcast it can sometimes seem that a lot of spread betting and forex traders have a ‘my way or the highway’ approach to trading. That is to say that, despite all manner of traders being demonstrably profitable over long periods of time, many traders genuinely seem to believe that it is impossible to make eur money consistently with any style of trading but their own. If you are not a fan of trend following or ‘price action’ trading, then I urge you to put aside any tribal dislike you may feel for Covel’s trend following evangelism and just enjoy the book for what it is – a unique and inspiring story. This book does not get very detailed in specifics about the stock market.

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The Complete TurtleTrader Review

Covers both the general idea of trend following and also the human story behind the turtle traders. Turtles have never been very forthcoming about what and how they were trained.

The book is written in a very exciting way and it invites the reader to read moren and more. It s motivating too, when you see that the street guys can be successful too, and some couldnt stay successful after finishing the turtle period of their life. Further it gives you also a good understanding about risk, volatility and drawdowns, (see my other review about Michael Covel’s abother book “Trend Following”). It gives you also the rules that original turtles have used. Also gives you facts and records about the turtles in their turtle time and after that.

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Exposed in this book are the processes that Dennis utilized in apprentice selection, learning experiences with him, and the complete system that made him and the turtles successful. Believing that trading is a skill to be learned, he endeavored with his partner to launch a classified ad in the wall Street journal seeking newbies willing to be trained. After this, he gained several apprentices, more commonly known as the turtles. The turtles are a diverse group of individuals without financial and Wall Street history ranging from a casino-goer, a pianist, and a game developer.

The Complete TurtleTrader Review

It includes a discussion of their training program, their performance, and of course the ideas underlying the system they employed, one based on trend following. The explanation of the latter is pretty direct – definitely enough to give the reader a really good idea of the way the Turtles were taught to trade, which they did very successfully. Figures to that end are provided throughout the text and in supporting appendices.

The true secret is more fundamental and like human nature itself is neither simple nor easy to define. The answer takes wisdom and solemn reflection but clues are sprinkled copiously throughout the book. I think that “Michael Covel” has done a very good job to write the book. I guess this one is, beside the Curtis Faith- book, the only book written about turtles.

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The author is obsessed with the main guy’s political affiliation. This book is suppose to be about a group of individuals who are taught a system on how to be successful in the stock market and a good chunk of the book is spent talking about richard dennis political views. Then, Covel walks you through all the concepts and techniques you need to use trend following yourself. One step at a time, one simple chart at a time, you’ll learn how to understand price movements well enough to profit from them consistently–in Think Markets Analysis any market. Covel clearly feels himself to be a part of the Turtle’s world, describing himself as ‘sitting at the nexus of access and insight from some of the best trading minds on the planet’. Covel runs and has been writing about them since he even appears to have trademarked the phrase TurtleTrader. It clearly rankles with him that some of the Turtles don’t like him making money off their story, and his personal feelings about this group of people come across loud and clear in the book.

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