These 20 States Are Raising The Minimum Wage Starting Today

Minimum Wages in USA

“$15 Minimum Wage Would Reduce Poverty But Cost Jobs, CBO Says”. NPR. Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 would increase wages for at least 17 million people, but also put 1.4 million Americans out of work, according to a study by the Congressional Budget Office released on Monday. A phase-in of a $15 minimum wage would also lift some 900,000 out of poverty, according to the nonpartisan CBO. This higher federal minimum could raise wages for an additional 10 million workers who would otherwise make sightly above that wage rate, the study found. Senate debated the minimum wage on the federal level by way of the Minimum Wage Fairness Act.

How much does a bank CEO make?

21, 2019, became the industry’s highest-paid CEO last year, bringing in $36.4 million in total compensation. Jamie Dimon, CEO of the largest U.S. bank by assets, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and the highest-paid CEO in 2018, 2017 and 2016, raked in $31.6 million in 2019.

For employees at smaller companies and for 14- and 15-year-olds, the state minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, which is tied to the federal rate. Inversely, in states where the set minimum wage is above the federal mark, the higher amount is what applies. However, some states also have conditions that must be met before their higher rates take effect. For example, Arkansas’ minimum wage of $11 retained earnings balance sheet only applies to employers of four or more employees. Those with three or fewer employers would instead be required to pay at least $7.25 per hour. Despite the existence of lower state-approved minimums, federal law dictates that the higher of either the state or federal minimum is legally applicable, which means that the enforceable minimum wage in Georgia and Wyoming is actually $7.25.

What State Has The Highest Minimum Wage?

Starting in 2019, the minimum wage will undergo a series of scheduled increases until it reaches $11.00 in 2021. Au pairs in Massachusetts must be paid according to Massachusetts minimum wage and overtime laws, not the lower Federal minimum wage. 29 CFR Part 541Defining and delimiting the exemptions for executive, administrative, professional, outside sales and computer bookkeeping employees.”White collar” exemptions from minimum wage laws. Tipped employees minimum wage is $5.55as of January 1, 2021. This rate will go up in steps to reach $6.75 per hour in January 2023. Find a list of the federal and state minimum wage rates in the United States, according to state name in alphabetical order and the dollar value as of January 2015.

followed suit, enacting a law to raise the minimum wage in the District to $15 per hour by July 1, 2020. Voters in Arkansas and Missouri approved ballot initiatives phasing in increases to $11 and $12 per hour, respectively. Connecticut enacted HB 5004 in May, which will raise the state minimum wage to $15 by 2023. The measure also indexed the minimum wage to the employment cost index. New Mexico enacted SB 437in April, which will raise the state minimum wage to $12 by 2023.

  • For the rest of the country, the minimum wage is 123.22 pesos per day or $5.84 per day.
  • Check to see if your business location has a new minimum wage in 2021, and order update posters today.
  • However, the number of workers earning less than minimum wage in 2019 was significantly higher, at about 1.21 million.
  • But the pros only outweigh the cons if the minimum wage isn’t too high.

In 1994, economists David Card and Alan Krueger studied employment trends among 410 restaurants in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania following New Jersey’s minimum wage hike (from $4.25 to $5.05) in April 1992. Neumark’s study relied on payroll records from a sample of large fast-food restaurant chains, whereas the Card-Krueger study relied on business surveys. Some minimum wage ordinances have an exemption for unionized workers. For instance, the Los Angeles City Council approved a minimum salary in 2014 for hotel workers of $15.37 per hour which has such an exemption. In 2016, the District of Columbia Council passed a minimum wage ordinance that included a union waiver, but Mayor Vincent Gray vetoed it. Later that year, the council approved an increase without the union waiver.


“All workers should be able to make ends meet,” Lathrop says. “They’re not earning enough, especially when they’re exposing themselves to a deadly virus,” as restaurant, grocery store, health care and other front-line workers are doing.

Minimum Wages in USA

We find that a 10% minimum wage hike translates into a 0.36% increase in the prices of grocery products. This magnitude is consistent with a full pass-through of cost increases into consumer prices. We show that price adjustments occur mostly in the three months following the passage of minimum wage legislation rather than after implementation, suggesting that pricing of groceries is forward-looking. For employers with 15 or more employees, $11.75 on January 1, 2021; $12.50 on January 1, 2022; $13.25 on January 1, 2023; $14.00 on January 1, 2024; and $15.00 on January 1, 2025. They endorsed the Minimum Wage Fairness Act which was introduced by US Senator Tom Harkin in 2013. Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a bill in 2015 that would raise the minimum wage to $15, and in his 2016 campaign for president ran on a platform of increasing it.

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In 2008 Hristos Doucouliagos and Tom Stanley conducted a similar meta-analysis of 64 U.S. studies on disemployment effects and concluded that Card and Krueger’s initial claim of publication bias was correct. Moreover, they concluded, “Once this publication selection is corrected, little or no evidence of a negative association between minimum wages and employment remains.”

“The fact that we’re still seeing a record number” of states and localities lift their base pay despite vehement opposition from business groups during the health crisis “is a big deal,” says Yannet Lathrop, a researcher and policy analyst at NELP. So far, workers appear to have won the fight and will reap the benefits starting Friday. “Why the US Needs a $15 Minimum Wage.” Accessed Feb. 19, 2021. “Florida Amendment 2, $15 Minimum Wage Initiative .” Accessed Feb. 19, 2021.

Is $24 an hour good pay?

Assuming all things equal, $24 per hour would be slightly above the median household income in the US. It is also worthwhile to look at sites like Glassdoor to see what others make in your field. You can filter by company, location, job, etc.

Certain types of farmworkers are not entitled to the minimum wage. If you are related to the owner of a farm on which you work, if you work on a small farm, if you are paid piece rate, or if you work on the range with livestock, you may not be entitled to the minimum wage. The details of the farmworker exemptions can be quite technical. Independent contractors are not entitled to the minimum wage because, even though they do work for a company, they are not legally considered employees of that company.

To Ensure Your Organization Is Aware Of The Latest Minimum Wage Requirements, Paycor Has Created A Breakdown By State

Additionally, several state legislatures have policies in place that will raise or already have raised their minimum wages by set amounts at predetermined dates. Department of Labor , 29 states and the District of Columbia pay more What is bookkeeping than the federal wage floor of $7.25. Nevada will announce in July whether or not there will be a cost of living increase to their indexed minimum wage. The map below shows which states have changes in minimum wages in 2021.

Minimum Wages in USA

The CBO estimated in February 2014 that raising the minimum wage would reduce the number of persons below the poverty income threshold by 900,000 under the $10.10 option versus 300,000 under the $9.00 option. Legislation has passed recently in multiple states that significantly raises the minimum wage.

In addition, the degree of sampling error may be quite large for some state estimates. Some workers reported as earning at or below the prevailing federal minimum wage may not, in fact, be covered by federal or state minimum wage laws because of exclusions and exemptions in the statutes. Thus, the presence of workers with hourly earnings below the federal minimum wage does not necessarily indicate violations of the FLSA or state statutes in cases where such standards apply. Tipped employees are paid $2.13/hour if that hourly pay and tips combined make up the equivalent of the federal minimum wage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of hourly paid workers earning the current federal minimum wage or less went down from 2.1% in 2018 to 1.9% in 2019.

Increases subject to the federal minimum wage and consumer price index. Delaware enacted SB 170, which phases in a two-step increase. The rate rises from $8.25 to $8.75 effective Jan. 1, 2019 , and will increase again to $9.25 effective Oct. 1, 2019. Massachusetts enacted a measure to increase the state minimum wage to $15 over five years.

Minimum Wages in USA

Pew found a racial difference for support of a higher minimum wage in 2017 with most blacks and Hispanics supporting a $15.00 federal minimum wage, and 54% of whites opposing it. Following protests due to low wages and poor work conditions, Amazon raised the minimum wage for all its employees to $15.00 per hour in October 2018. The company subsequently became a major lobbyist for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage, which some observed as a way for the company to force competitors to increase their worker costs as well. Also, seven recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences were among 75 economists endorsing an increase in the minimum wage for U.S. workers and said “the weight” of economic research shows higher pay doesn’t lead to fewer jobs. Additionally, 67% of economists surveyed believed that a $15 minimum wage would make it harder for small businesses with less than 50 employees to stay in business. According to some economists, minimum wage increases result in a variety of negative effects for lower-skilled workers including reduced employment, reduced hours, reduced benefits, and less safe working conditions. An increase in the minimum wage is a form of redistribution from higher-income persons (business owners or “capital”) to lower income persons (workers or “labor”) and therefore should reduce income inequality.

Independent contractors—such as consultants and freelancers—work for hire. The question of whether someone is an independent contractor can be quite technical, and employers sometimes get it wrong . If you have questions about your independent contractor status, Nolo’s Working as an Independent Contractor FAQ may have the answers. Damages for employees for violations can be significant. The FLSA affords a private right of action for employees to recover unpaid minimum wages.

Under the new hospitality regulations, residential workers (“live-in workers”) are now entitled to overtime for hours worked over 40 in a payroll week, instead of the prior 44 hour requirement. Therefore, overtime hours for all non-exempt minimum wages workers are now any hours worked over 40 in a payroll week. The State law excludes from coverage any employment that is subject to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act unless the State wage rate is higher than the federal rate.

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