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On top of that, Safari is extremely light-weight, with Double D waterproof coils. It has a fast recovery pinpoint and is lightweight, saving user’s time and reducing fatigue. Furthermore, the X-terra 505 gives the user freedom to control the threshold adjustment, depending on the depth and size of the targets being detected. There are 5 tone ID’s and a good range of discrimination pattern (customized patterns), thereby, making it a fine discriminator for high conductive targets.

Especially the ground balance function is useful when searching for gold, because it is known to be found specifically in complex soils. Many MD models are equipped with an identification scale that has icons/pictograms symbolizing a target type – for example, a coin, gold or relics. Single frequency metal detectors deal with the soil disturbance less efficiently, than those multi-frequency ones.

Oh, speaking of which, headphones can also boost the audio target signal. This becomes important as it allows you to better triangulate the position of the target that is underground. Well, that is exactly what the target ID is going to do for you. Basically, granted you have a unit with discriminate level control, you can increase the discriminate level until the target disappears and then that will tell you where your target is. Some may allow you to search but will not allow you to keep what you find; so, be wary of that.

INTEY meets the different needs of every individual who are into metal detecting. This newly enhanced metal detector has it all to be an on-the-go metal detector.

But you’re depth will be severely limited to the point where it’s not even worth it to detect. If you plan to do most of your hunting in and around salt water, you’ll need a specialty machine. Frequency and depth have an inverse relationship, so the higher you get, the less depth you’ll get on coin-sized targets. All metal detectors detect metal – just like all cars drive down the road.

In order to detect useful treasure, you should choose the right mode. You have to refer to the manual to find out what type of metals it will locate at motion all-metal mode and discrimination mode. The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV metal detector has three different modes to choose from.

This makes it easy to find even smaller targets like small gold nuggets. This detector is waterproof up to ten feet underwater and operates on 8 AA batteries. It has a pinpoint prospecting mode, relic mode, salt a freshwater mode, and comes with target readings and volume control. It features six different search modes, automatic balance regardless of the terrain and a backlit user interface with large easy to read numbers. The Coinmaster also comes with a water-resistant housing box and target ID.

By using your headphones, the battery life of your metal detector will be longer and you will be able to hear faint signals that background noise may drown out. Sometimes the soil is ionized (like wet beach sand) or it has high levels of iron (like black sand, clay or hot rocks) Ground balance means that the high mineralization of the soil is zeroed out so it doesn’t conflict with the metal detectors ability to work. Iron Masking– Iron masking blocks all ferrous metals from the metal detector and only locates the more valuable non-ferrous metals. https://metaldetectorshub.com/metal-detectors/.

It’s easy to assemble and you can practically use it straight out of the box. Audible tones are produced and you’ll hear the difference as you pass over metal. PI detectors aren’t great at discriminating between metals, but they perform well in highly conductive environments and they have a better depth field than VLF detectors. Discrimination filters select which of the conductivity segments in the discrimination scale are active or disabled.

A: The answer to this question depends largely on the detector’s make and model, but in general, the average detector can find larger pieces of metal 12 to 16 inches below the surface. Swing your detector slowly from side to side, keeping it as close to the ground as possible — but make sure it does not touch the ground. A metal object doesn’t necessarily have to be magnetic in order to become charged by the electromagnetic field the detector generates. The Garrett Pro Pointer is waterproof up to 10 feet, so if you plan to take it on vacation, there are no worries if a child takes it off the beach and into the shallow part of the sea. We urge amateur metal detectors to do some research and obtain all pertinent clearances before starting a search on any private or city-owned property.

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