Main Things You Need to Know About Passing Microsoft 70-698 Exam

New York, May 7: The Microsoft 70-698 certification exam is designed to evaluate the individual’s abilities regarding configuration and installation of Windows 10.
The candidates who appear for this test are also familiar with different enterprise scenarios. The exam consists of adaptive technology and simulation questions. In order to pass it and prepare well, Microsoft advised that the students should have some experience.

It is also advisable that the candidate should reap the benefits of the study courses and training resources provided by Microsoft. The preparation tools offered by Microsoft cover all the topics covered in the exam. Microsoft 70-698helps you achieve the . Once you pass the test, you are recognized as an IT professional who has the capacity to configure and install Windows 10.

Exam Description

The Microsoft 70-698 exam consists of a mixture of theoretical and practical questions. Most questions are set out in a multiple-choice format.

It is very important to prepare adequately and to be engaged in hands-on experience relevant to the configuration of Windows 10. This will help you pass the test easily.

The Microsoft 70-698 exam checks the individual’s understanding of configuration and installation of Windows 10.

It measures one’s skills to:
• Recover deleted files
• Recover wounded systems
• Optimize Windows services
• Configure user account control
• Fine-tune Windows services updates
• Set up bio-metric authentication
• Automate administrative tasks

An individual who knows the above-mentioned areas and has an ability to perform tasks related to configuration and installation of Windows 10 can easily pass the Microsoft 70-698 exam.

This certification exam is designed for the IT specialists who have the knowledge and abilities to manage and install Windows 10 core services.

The test is also for those who have previous experience of Cloud-integrated services. In addition to this, Microsoft 70-698 is also targeted at those candidates who wish to peruse their career in IT and work in IT-related companies as network experts.

Skills Measured

The Microsoft 70-698 Exam measures the student’s knowledge and concepts on different technical areas, including:
• Implementing Windows (from 30 to 35 percent)
• Core services support and configuration (from 30 to 35 percent)
• Maintenance and management of Windows (from 30 to 35 percent)

The percentages mentioned above show the distribution of each topic. The candidate should keep in mind the weight-age of each skill area and prepare accordingly.

It is highly recommended that you go through the entire exam objectives and make sure you know each topic very well. The objectives can be found on the official Microsoft website.

Preparation Tips and Tricks

The below-mentioned tips can help you pass the 70-698 exam easily:
• Preparing from one book does not do justice to the vast amount of knowledge required by the exam. The candidate should take help from multiple books, at least three. These study resources will help you pass the certification test.
• It is very important to focus on having solid concepts related to the objective categories. This will help him pass the exam without any difficulty.
• One should possess adequate storage devices, such as flash drives, USBs, hand disks, etc. in order to store and keep safe all the practice tests, notes and all other information and material that will help him revise and prepare for the Microsoft 70-698 test.
• The candidates should carry out all the practical tasks available because this will help them understand the topics to a higher degree.
• The individuals should study in a conductive surrounding in order to have a better understanding of the topics.
• One should search for study materials on websites and blogs because this will help this person understand the topics and clear the concepts. There are many materials available online regarding the topics checked in the exam. Do not hesitate to benefit from it.
• It is advised that the candidate refrains from searching for exam questions and answers. Firstly, the answers may be wrong. Secondly, there is no certainty that the same question will be in the real test.

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