Tokyo Call for entries (English)


After 15 years of creating art communities around the world, international event Slideluck comes to Japan to celebrate its first edition of Slideluck Tokyo. We are inviting photographers and artists to participate in the event by submitting their photographic projects. 22 Selected works will be projected as part of the Slideluck Tokyo evening event on March 2016, at The Terminal, Harajuku, Tokyo.

(The exact date will be announced in January 2016).

The works will be selected by Kohei Oyama, curator of Newfave publishing house, Maria Teresa Salvati, editor in chief of Slideluck Editorial, and Naoko Higashi, editor of IMA magazine.

Submissions deadline: 14 of January of 2016
Price of submission: $5



“Unable to find one’s way” that’s the literal meaning of Lost.

We are looking for personal, documentary, conceptual, experimental projects that depicts the idea losing something, feeling lost within, introspective journeys; feeling lost in the society and among people; We also welcome reportages and documentaries of hidden, lost communities, unable to be found and disappeared souls.

Benefits of submitting:

– 1-2 photographers will be featured on GUP Magazine site with their portfolio.
– The best multimedia works will be featured on Slideluck Editorial.
– Selected works will be featured in print and digital editions by our partners.

About our partners:

GUP Magazine
GUP Magazine, an international authoritative publication on photography, connecting its communities with the sharpest conceptual photography, the latest photo books, and compelling writings about the contemporary world of photography.

Slideluck Editorial
Slideluck Editorial is a new platform that aims at showcasing the breadth of the Slideluck photographic storytelling and giving tips and advices on effective multimedia creation.

The mission is to give a credible space to photographers who want to experiment with this new language and, while being entertained and inspired, learn ways to tell effective stories through multimedia.

Newfave is an independent publishing label based in Tokyo and Hayama. It was founded in 2014 by Kohei Oyama. We release limited edition contemporary art / photography books through the collaboration with artists and designers. We find value in the book making process.

G/P Gallery
Established in 2008 in the art complex building NADiff A/P/A/R/T in Ebisu, G/P has discovered and encouraged young Japanese photographers, while organizing the platform for the new photographers such as THE EXPOSED shows and the portfolio reviews opened for young photographers.

Platform Platvorm
Platform platvorm is an international open call art magazine where artists are in control.
Each participant has the opportunity to make a spread about their own work without any interference in the visual content. As a result the content remains fully original and very diverse. The artist can show the work as it was intended. Participating is completely free.

flotsambooks is an online book store specialised in visual books and photobooks. With stock ranging from vintage to contemporary, both japanese and foreign, it is renowned for offering an eclectic selection of photobooks.

Contact High Zine
Contact High Zine is an independent magazine launched in September 2015. It features a mix of art and fashion content from collaborations by artists and creators. Trying to find new trends, the magazine is a very casual yet personal project. Directing team are, Creative director Tatsuya Shimada, art director YOSHIROTTEN and photographer Yusuke Yamatani.

LAR Magazine
LARMAGAZINE is a contemporary art app magazine, a bilingual digital and interactive publication.It is specially designed for iPads and Tablets, which means it supports video, audio, scroll-down texts, slideshows and interactive material. LARMAGAZINE is the first contemporary art magazine made in Latin America that uses this technology. Moreover, beyond technology deployment, each issue addresses a specific topic in art and we are always looking for contents with a high critical and quality level.

Blink Magazine

MOTHER Magazine
MOTHER is an independent publication promoting rare arts and fashion content from Japan and the world. MOTHER print Volumes are produced to the highest standards in a limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide. Featured in only the finest boutiques, galleries and independent art bookstores, such as Dover St Market, Colette Paris, Opening Ceremony, Tsutaya Daikanyama Tokyo + Tate Modern.


Follow the instructions on the Slideluck submissions page, visit our Submittable page, and specify city: Tokyo

– Every image must be at least 1024×768 pixels. We strongly recommend that you submit images that are 1080 pixels in height for maintaining the highest standards of quality. The width will be determined by the aspect ratio of your images.

– Photography or visual art submissions should consist of 15 to 40 images. We recommend 20 – 30 images.

– For copyright purposes, all audio included in submissions must be open-sourced. Please see our guidelines on the Submissions page for further information regarding music and audio. (*You can search for open-sourced music through resources such as the Free Music Archive
or Creative Commons)

– Along with your images, you will need to supply three additional slides- one with your name and the title of the project (if applicable), a music credit slide, and a slide with your contact info or representation.

– We cannot accept Soundslides files, Flash files, or other formats.

For more submission guidelines please visit our submissions page.
Please contact with direct inquiries or problems.
For more information on the event:

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