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Q.i. Quartiere Intelligente
Friday | March 18 | 2016
7 PM Potluck | 8:30 PM Slideshow
Scala di Montesanto,3 | Napoli | Italy

We are so proud to announce Slideluck Naples is coming for the first time in the city of Vesuvio on March 18, 2016!

Slideluck is no- profit organization dedicated to creating and strengthening the sense of aggregation through food and photography (SLIDELUCK= slideshow+potluck). Since 2000 Slideluck organized in over 100 cities around the world, events that combine multimedia slideshows and creative dinners where each guest brings a dish. The organization serves as a showcase for the exhibition of innovative projects and is aimed at photographers, curators, collectors and editors, in a creative context.

The team of Slideluck Naples is composed by Roberta Fuorvia and Teodora Malavenda, art and local directors; Irene Alison, guest curator; Francesca Bellino, Instagram curator; Maria Teresa Salvati, co-curator; Barbara Gemma La Malfa / 6Glab, Press Office.

The first edition of Slideluck Naples will be hosted at “Q.i. Quartiere Intelligente” (Scala Montesanto,3, Naples). Q.i. is space created to become a open hub, an urban platform of cooperation and production of culture.

Slideluck Naples has opened a call for submissions to send pictures and media. THE THEME IS FREE!!! It’s a conscious choice to receive the most disparate artistic material and encourage photographers to participate with their creativity and spontaneous mood to lift us different point of view respect photography.

The jury will select 20 projects, and it’s composed by Roberta Fuorvia and Teodora Malavenda (art and local director of Slideluck Naples), Irene Alison (guest curator) and Maria Teresa Salvati (co-curator).


You can send your work from November 30th, 2015 until January 30th, 2016


We are pleased to announce the benefits that partners and sponsors of Slideluck Naples, kindly offer to those who decide to participate in the call:

– The International Airport of Naples will exhibit images of the 20 finalists as a part of the project “Slot-Creative Hub”. More information will be soon available on Facebook and on the Slideluck website.

– NYPS – NEW YORK PHOTO STORIES choose one of the 20 finalists to assign a scholarship: the winner can choose a workshop of his interest until December 2017.

Lo.FT. – LOCALI FOTOGRAFICI will host a solo exhibition (one week long) to an author selected from the 20 finalists.

– Maps Magazine will publish on the second number (spring 2016) one of the 20 finalists conformto the editorial line of the magazine, which aims to investigate the Mediterranean area.

– GUP Magazine will publish the best projects with interview and portfolio online, of the best projects, and will give away two annual subscriptions to the magazine.

– The best multimedia projects will be published on Slideluck Editorial.

– FUORIGAMUT – OFFICINA DI STAMPA FINE ART will print a fine art images (size 30×45) to one of 20 finalists.

– ViMAGAZINE will write an article about the 20 selected artists.


The deadline to submit is JANUARY 30th, 2016



Send us your project, you may be the artist who will exhibit during Slideluck Naples! There is a submission fee of 10€ for each project submitted. The event is an excellent opportunity for the photographers who want to show their work in an unique context. We accept series of images accompanied by audio files or multimedia files. Follow the instructions here and register as city: Naples!

Please contact for direct inquiries or problems.
For other information about the event send an email to

– Slideluck shows generally consist of 20-25 artists, with each artist featuring up to five minutes of original work.

– In most cases, this is a slideshow of between 15 to 40 images. We recommend 20 – 30 images.

– Every image must be at least 1024×768 pixels. We strongly recommend that you submit images that are 1080 pixels in height for maintaining the highest standards of quality. The width will be determined by the aspect ratio of your images.

– Every slideshow is set to music or an audio recording that the artist has selected. You will need to upload a music file during the submissions process. On average, each slideshow image will be projected for four seconds, so check that your audio track is longer than that time period multiplied by the number of submission slides (for example, a slideshow containing 30 slides would last approximately 120 seconds or two minutes – four times thirty equals 120). In some instances, the audio requirement may be waived or altered on specific calls for specific events. Please double check the details of the call! For copyright purposes, all audio included in submissions must be open-sourced.  You can search for open-sourced music through resources such as the Free Music Archive or Creative Commons. Submissions containing copyrighted music may be subject to change by the Slideluck Team. Please contact us at with direct questions.

– We generally accept all types of submissions, as long as the work can be represented fairly in a slideshow format. Please adhere to the individual theme or other requirements detailed in the individual call for entries from the particular city and event you are submitting to. Details about all our open calls can be found HERE.

– Along with your images, you will need to supply three additional slides- one with your name and the title of the project (if applicable), a music credit slide, and a slide with your contact info or representation.

– Pre-produced multimedia submissions are also welcome, as long as they fit within our guidelines and format.

-If you need help email us at



Multimedia submissions must be sent through custom form on Submittable. Please see the respective Call for Entries page for the direct Submittable form link. Feel free to contact if you’re having trouble.

We accept only Quicktime .mov and .mp4 files with the following specifications:

– compressed with the h.264 codec
– at least 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high. We strongly recommend that you submit video at full High Definition resolution- 1920 pixels wide by 1080     pixels high.
– running 30 or 29.97 frames per second for events in North America and Japan, 25 frames per second in all other countries
– under 300MB
– no longer than 5 minutes, maximum

Please make sure that your piece begins with a clear title card, including your name, and ends with proper credits including contact information and music credit.

We cannot accept Soundslides files, flash files, or other formats.



File Type: JPEG
Colorspace: sRGB
Pixel Dimensions: Minimum of 1024×768, we highly recommended to submit images that are at least 1080 pixels in height.
Please also make the following slides as jpegs at 1440 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high:
1 – Title slide with your name (and the title of the project if applicable) for the beginning of your slideshow
2 – Music credit slide
3 – End slide with your contact info or representation
For more info on the event, shoot us a message at

Roberta Fuorvia +39 3313548243
Teodora Malavenda +39 3349362820

or official press office:
6Glab – il laboratorio di idee di SEIGRADI / Barbara Gemma La Malfa
Via G. Mameli 3 – 20129 Milano
Tel. +39.02.84560801/ Fax +39.02.84560802
Facebook: 6Glab



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