Jeffrey Deitch presents the Wolfpack Show

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[Text by Cameron Stuart]

The Wolfpack are six brothers from the Lower East Side with a unique charisma based on their unusual upbringing. After years of confinement, they have achieved recognition as subjects of a documentary movie by Crystal Moselle. The film focuses on their forced isolation by their father and subsequent saturation in movie culture. Famous curator Jeffrey Deitch has organized a show presenting their homemade props, costumes, and movie scripts highlighting their intense passion for Hollywood. There will also be a screening of “Window Feel,” the first film of Makunda Angulo, one of the brothers, and starring members of the family. The opening is October 21st at Deitch’s 76 Grand Street gallery. Also on display will be photos by Dan Martensen, taken of the brothers during the filming of the documentary. Read more about the show, the brothers, and Deitch here.

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