Amsterdam V English Recap

All photos by Anke Teunissen

Text by Nichon Glerum

Cheerful and hungry people, inspired and photogenic food, good beer, crusty bread and a nice collection of photos and videos. It was all there in the intimate and successful fifth edition of the Amsterdam Slideluck, in the heart of the capital.

A respectable amount of lovers of good food, good company and inspiring photographic work filled former artists’ society De Kring during Slideluck, this year coupled with FotoFestival Unseen. Most of the guests had the message well understood: there were beautiful, with lots of love and flowers twisted Vietnamese rice spring rolls, gluten- and sugar-free brownies, crostini with artichoke and walnut tapenade, parelgort- and beet salad and classics like caprese-skewers, coq au vin and mushroom risotto. The buffet was already traditionally flanked by sublime bread Brothers Niemeyer, candy art Papabubble, olive Meewig & Zn. and cool beers from the Brooklyn Brewery. And by two smuggled pizzas from a local restaurant – which at first were.

A large part of the people remained understandably depend on the buffet, but also around the bar Circuit, run by exceptionally friendly and photogenic staff was there can enjoy a meal, laughed and talked, mostly about food and askance at the prices of the raffle, the raffle were before the start of the slideshow. There were including dinner vouchers Couscous Club, INSTOCK and Wild Boar, the cookbook of Heavenly Mud, breakfast vouchers from Gebroeders Niemeijer, photo prints Photo lab Snapshot, a cooking workshop at Keizer Culinair, a large bag of candy from Papa Bubble, olive Meeuwig & Zn., Tickets the film Life of OneEntertainment, GUP magazine, a piquant book KesselsKramer, and messages from the Crate.

After the raffle and the distribution of the remaining food on some doggy bags (almost everything was cleaned up!) Strolled into the company with a hip Unseen goodie bag on the arm a few doors down to Pathé City for the slideshow display, including two firsts! Or actually three, if you count the Slide Luck slides were first exhibited in a real cinema setting. Another first was that the photographs were introduced by their curators – this year there were photographer Mirjam Bleeker and designer Pieke Bergmans. They said, as proud as nervous, almost all approached by them enthusiastic photographers had cooperated, and had been inspired by the theme Unseen. The last premiere was a “live link” to a still born baby via ultrasound center Echo Spot – a movie of a fetus in the womb, in line with the theme.

The ensuing slide was a nice mix of topics and styles from all profits calculation. Including moving pictures of a loving old couple in a forgotten Italian village, an almost educational video about the effects of the sun on your skin, intriguing images of illegal Russian-made sound recordings used X-rays, art based on Google Street View, an underwater time-lapse colorful and fascinating life on the bottom of the sea, and the impact of industry on its environment in Latin America.

It provided food for thought, discussion in the elevator and the doors of Pathé City and going after in the opposite De Balie. And a desire for the next edition.

Until then!

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