Slideluck Youth Initiative

Slideluck Youth Initiative (SLYI) is an after-school photography program where hands-on instructors foster creative expression and empower students through the fundamentals of photography and multimedia storytelling. SLYI currently has chapters in six schools around the country: the Bronx, Bushwick, East New York, Harlem, Los Angeles, and Midway, Utah. SLYI also debuted at the ROKPA Children’s Home in Nepal in the spring of 2015.
The program provides interactive learning opportunities for the students and works on giving them as much hands-on time with the cameras as possible. Each week, the students are visited by a variety of professionals working in the field and there are field trips to location shoots and visits to photographer’s studios. SYLI is also working to create an international network that connects youth photography programs and aspiring young photographers both online and at Slideluck events.

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