Alice Austen: The original cat video documentarian?

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By Lauren Steussy
August 27, 2015

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Could Alice Austen have been the first viral cat video producer?

In historical 1930s and ’40s footage from her daily life, the famous Victorian photographer documented everything from the changing New York City skyline to the silly things her cats did.

Yes, it would be a while before she would have been able to post those videos online, but still, the fact that she was so casually documenting these creatures on home video stands out as yet another phenomenon Austen pioneered — on top of the whole photography thing.

“She pays a lot of loving attention to this cat, running around doing cat things,” said photographer David DiLillo. “I found it fascinating that this is kind of pre-dating internet home videos by many many decades.”

So could it be one of the world’s first cat video?

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