Micro Galleries Slideluck Denpasar


Photo by Teresa Schebiella

In a brilliantly out of the way little street, in an unassuming but dynamic experimental photographic space, the first Micro Galleries / Slideluck project was launched and it was done with just a little cool grit and flair – if we do say so ourselves!

Micro Slideluck is a partnership between the free global arts initiative Micro Galleries and Slideluck in order to kick off some Slideluck action in places slightly off the artistic beaten track, provide a new platform for local artists and bring wonderful art to people who are hungry to see it! Our pilot event took place in Denpasar.


Micro Slideluck was the open-air icing event that finished off the Micro Galleries’ Live Interaction Weekend in Bali. It was hosted by the exceptionally cool Denpasar-based arts space Lingkara. Lingkara is a grass-roots independent arts hub that not only has a stunning white gallery but a great outdoor area for the community to gather. Sitting outside in the balmy air, sharing wine generously donated by Plaga Wines (who rocked up in their awesome vintage kombi van to serve all our audience), and snacking on sweet rolls, 80 local Indonesian community members and 12 of the participating 20 artists were in attendance.

The whole evening was a perfect end to a dynamic weekend with everyone sitting outside under the stars, applauding uproariously to each artists after their slideshow and then finishing off the evening with some great local musicians including Pygmy Marmoset.

Best news of all was that the local artists loved taking part and being at the event and Lingkara is looking forward to running their own Slideluck Denpasar in 2016!


Micro Galleries | Moving Image/Screen Culture Night
Saturday | October 3rd
Lingkara Photo Art Gallery
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