Micro Galleries: Nowra

MG_Nowra_weekend-36Photo by Teresa Schebiella

This past May Slideluck was lucky enough to team up with Micro Galleries for their new show in Nowra, Australia. Micro Galleries reclaims disused and forgotten spaces all around the world and reactivates them as tiny galleries that are free and accessible to the local community, uniting international and local artists in one show. You can see why we’d get along so well!

The Nowra show featured 141 individual artists from the world over, with about 646 individual pieces of artwork, including installations, symposia, performances, screenings, live music, and walking tours. Slideluck was present for the opening night, projecting a selection of our favorite works from our global community for the viewing pleasure of the 150+ attendees, including several members of the Australian government.

All photos by Teresa Schebiella

Check out some brief documentaries of Micro Galleries Nowra in our news section, and read the official recap here. Be sure to keep up with Micro Galleries to find out about their upcoming shows around the world, and more collaborations with Slideluck.



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