Young Photographers Nepal

young photographers nepal

The goal of this project is to empower students through their own stories, let them realize their own creative potential, and develop not just their sense for visual communication, but their abilities to be critical thinkers. The Young Photographers Nepal is a project that will be instructing former street children of Kathmandu, Nepal, how to a tell their own stories through images, and then showcasing them to world.

In April 2015 Winston Struye, one of the Slideluck Youth Initiative‘s artist teachers, went to Nepal to teach the principles of photography to a group of former street kids. After the disastrous earthquake on April 25th, Winston decided to stay in Nepal to help with recovery and continue working with his young photographers. Instead of focusing on devastation, he has used the YPN blog to turn the public eye on recovery, rebuilding, and the strength of human will and community.

Please visit the Young Photographers Nepal blog to learn more about the Nepal recovery and the amazing group of kids documenting it.

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