Barcelona IX


As March approaches each year, the photography community in Barcelona looks forwards to the newest edition of SLIDELUCK Barcelona. 2015 marked our ninth show here.

This year, we had an outpouring of submissions – dozens of photographers, multimedia producers, and visual artists sent in their work. In particular, Barcelona’s photography schools were well-represented among the applicants, with submissions from IEFC, GrisArt, and El Observatorio. SLIDELUCK Barcelona IX was for many of the artists the first time that their work had been included in a show.


The show itself was a festive celebration of Barcelona’s art scene. Like past years,SLIDELUCK Barcelona IX was held in conjunction with Enfocats Photography Festival, organized by Pati Llimona. In true Spanish style, the slideshow got started later than planned . . . however, with plenty of delicious Brooklyn Lager to keep the crowd happy, no one was complaining! The potluck was also a wonderful treat and included delicious Spanish omelettes, empanadas, and cheesecakes. Once our bellies were full, the show got underway. The 16 featured slideshows were as diverse and satisfying as the potluck. From Llorenc Pie and Maria D’Amico’s abstract videos to Sandro Pietro’s documentary short, to Rodrigo Illesca’s magical realism, SLIDELUCK Barcelona IX was a memorable night of art and community. Thank you to Brooklyn Brewery for all of its support!

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