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Feelin’ Slidelucky? (Well, are ya, punk?)

The world’s sexiest potluck returns Nov. 13

November 12th, 2014

Savannah Ladies

I HAVE THIS recurring fantasy that one day all of the fascinating, creative, marvelous Savannahians I meet on this job will be at the same dinner party.

The artists and the activists will hobnob with the literati and the laugh riots, the din of so much spectacular conversation mingling with background tunes from local troubadours.

Everyone will bring something delicious to share, and after we’ve stuffed ourselves silly, we’ll all settle in to look at some slides of cool art, possibly made by the same person who brought the wasabi artichoke dip. Suggested attire will be your favorite pair of comfy pants, and afterwards people will fake-argue over who gets to do the dishes.

I’d invite y’all over to my house, but my old yellow Formica table only seats eight. Plus, crowds make the guinea pig nervous.

But, guess what? We’re in luck! More specifically, Slideluck:

The world’s sexiest community potluck returns to Savannah this Thursday, Nov. 13, ready to showcase local art and your homemade casseroles.

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