The land of “tortellini” opened up its doors to Slideluck for the first time. Bologna was a great hit.

The ingredients that made the night a success were: Spazio Labo’, a centre for research in many fields of photography, masterfully led by Roberto Alfano, also the director of Slideluck Bologna; of a group of ladies, including Eva Perna, Gaia degli Esposti, who helped organize everything in such a easy and perfect way.

SLIDELUCK Bologna was also part of a new photography festival called Transizioni, Photography In Movement, focusing also on multimedia.

The slideshow was incredible. The guest curator of the show, Renata Ferri – Director of Photography at IO Donna and Amica – selected projects on the theme ‘Close to me’. We saw, to mention Renata’s words, so many mugs, bed-sheets, part of bodies and intimate image, that it all felt so very romantic and personal. Clearly the selection must have been wonderful, if everyone – coming from as far away as Milan and Rome – stayed till the end. Not only that, after the show, everyone participated in a lively talk with the curator herself.

The entire night seemed all very organic and fluid, passing by a large and rich potluck including pumpkin soup, homemade omelettes, mini-panini, pasta salad, and much more. Sometimes you don’t think people are going to respond proactively to such a new concept, but then there you are, happily surprised by the generosity and openness.

The intro by Marco Casino – winner of World Press Photo Multimedia 2014; the presentation of Hungry Still by Maria Teresa Salvati; the 22 project slideshow, the after show talk and the location, all dressed with fresh and lovely Brooklyn Brewery, and we can conclude that the ‘Bolognesi’ responded in the best way possible to a new Slideluck.

What tells you that that’s true is the question at the end of the night “when’s the next?”.

Very special thanks to our sponsors and partners: Brooklyn Brewery, Leica Store Firenze, Narratively and Viewbook.

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