Huffington Post: Interview with Casey Kelbaugh

Astronauts, Art, and Slideluck: A Conversation With Casey Kelbaugh

Huffington Post 11.18.14

Posted 11/18/14
By J.L. Sirisuk

A spoonful of homemade soup or a slice of cake can possess within the savor of each bite an array of stories, all held within its combined ingredients. The slow stroke of a paintbrush, a swirl of color on canvas, the flash of a camera capturing a view from space or from earth down below on a concrete road – personal expression can be conveyed in so many ways. Food and creativity go hand in hand, conduits of conversation and sharing. Photographer Casey Kelbaugh, driven through a need for community and the gathering of creative minds, created Slideluck in Seattle fourteen years ago in the small backyard of his home, encouraging attendees to bring home-cooked meals and load slides of their work upon arrival.

Slideluck has since expanded to become a truly global network of imaginative minds across the world producing events fostering collaboration and community. “It’s not just a thing happening in the background. People sit down and we watch this thing together, experience it together and there’s something powerful about the collective experience. People get emotionally charged and inspired and walk away changed a little bit,” says Kelbaugh. Read more…


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