You’re Invited to Slideluck Amsterdam IV

September, 14, Slideluck hits Amsterdam again – for the fourth time! What to expect? Well: doors open 14.15; the impressive buffet filled with your signature dishes will open around 15.00. After some snacking, tasting and comparing favorite dishes with friends and friendly strangers, the lights are dimmed and the crowd is hushed. It is time for the slideshows: series of photos set to music. This time, the selection was made by NY-based curator: Amy Wolff (photo editor of PDN). She scanned the archives of Slidelucks all around the world, and found slideshows she loved, that fit her theme Space. On with the food. Think finger food, high tea, fancy snacks. What about Punchy Meatloaf Muffins, Moist Irish Guiness Cookies, Crabcake bites with roasted Pepper Aioli… Sounds pretty delicious, right? To find out what is what, food cards accompany the dishes on the buffet. These signs indicate who made it, what it is and also, if the dish is specifically gluten free, vegetarian or allergy-friendly in other ways. We would like to encourage you to bring more of the latter categories. Experiencing new types of food this way can be a lot of fun! Tickets are € 7,50. You can buy them following the link below. Remember: this one is going to be a small, exclusive event. Make sure you order those tickets in time to be sure not to miss anything! ORDER TICKETS SLIDELUCK Amsterdam IV Sunday, September 14 at Felix & Foam Felix Meritis building, Keizersgracht 324 Amsterdam Doors open 14.15, start buffet 15.00 Follow us on our Facebook page and share this event with your friends and family. You can also sign up for our newsletter and stay updated. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER

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