Slideluck Accepting Bitcoin Donations and Payments 

Slideluck Bitcoin Map

Slideluck, a 501c3 non-profit arts organization is a combination of a slideshow and a potluck that brings together diverse groups of people, artwork, food, music, ideas and perspectives under one roof. With events held in over 100 cities worldwide Slideluck has built and continues to nurture and grow a community using art and food as mediums for an exchange of ideas.

Consistent with these philosophies Slideluck sees a major opportunity to reduce the cost associated with receiving donations as well as facilitating its global operations. Today Slideluck will begin accepting bitcoin, the fledgling digital currency, for donations.  As the ubiquity of the digital currency grows in the coming months, Slideluck hopes to significantly reduce the friction and cost of international payments to and from its local chapters.

Every Slideluck event in the world generates a diversity of ideas, food and art that give rise to something unique and magical. The work of established artists is shown alongside that of emerging and non-professional artists, with no distinction between them.  Each event is localized, so artists from a community are presenting work to that community.  The same goes for the home-cooked dishes brought by those who attend. If bitcoin can more easily facilitate the magic of Slideluck than existing payment mechanisms, it’s a win for us all.   Please consider making a bitcoin donation of any size as a show of support!


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