Ivoly Noguera

Presented at SLIDELUCK Caracas I

Ivoly Noguera has long been a fixture of the arts scene in Caracas, where she was one of the first students at the Instituto de Diseño Caracas. She has since taught graphic design at various schools in Caracas, worked as a designer for several publications, and even created her own children’s books. Noguera was an active multimedia artist in the cultural movement of the 80s and 90s, collaborating with a network of forward-thinking creatives. Despite the instability that followed in the sociopolitical climate of Venezuela, Noguera’s work maintains a lightness and playfulness, which is what caught our eye about “Hierbas y especias” (“Herbs and Spices”), her submission to SLIDELUCK Caracas I. Continue reading to find out more about this mainstay artist of Caracas (though she insists that she is only a designer) and her love of collage and spices.

Slideluck: First off, were you able to attend the event in Caracas? What did you think?
Ivoly Noguera: It was very nice. There was a little rain, but it was a very beautiful space with great artwork, nice people, dear friends, delicious food, and generous drinks.

SL: What is your take on the art scene in Caracas?
IN: I find it very active and smart. We event still have vernissages.

SL: What was the inspiration for your series?
IN: Actually, they are illustrations that I made for a book that I am designing called Notes for Sleepless Cooks: Chit-Chat About Cooking, Eating and Drinking, to Be Read at 3:00am. Spices are the main theme of the book.

SL: What materials did you use to create your pieces? How big is each one?

IN: I use Fabriano watercolor paper, paper cuts from printed paper, and magazines. Each piece is 2 inches x 2 inches/5cm x 5 cm.

SL: There are a lot more spices in the world. What led you to choose these ones in particular?
IN: These are actually only a selection of pieces from the book. The slideshow contains 24 of the 41 spices that will included in the book. I still have work to do.

SL: Are there any spices you hated as a child, but came to love later?
IN: Not really… I think the joy of spices is an acquired taste.

SL: The last slide is a mosaic of copies of each spice. Why do we see slightly different copies of each of them?
IN: There are three sets of 24 each, so for exhibition and/or selling purposes I can play with modules of 12 , 6, or 3 spices. This allows me to explore different colors and textures.

SL: Does this mean you like to cook? What spice do you like to use most when you are cooking?
IN: I love to cook… I like to think that my meals are never ordinary. Even the most simple ones.

SL: Is there a recipe you’d like to share with us? Anything you really like to make.
IN: My contribution to the Slideluck was a really nice, fresh, and delicious salad. I made it with one green mango, one green pepper, one red pepper, and one onion, all finely sliced and dressed with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

SL: Are you working on any new projects right now?
IN: Collage work about Caracas urban birds. Here’s a pic:

Ivoly Noguera Caracas urban birds

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