Slideluck’s first show in Bangkok took place at The Space, a creative incubation center started by photographer James Nachtwey, on October 9th during our whirlwind Asian tour in the autumn of 2014. After the mild panic of counting about 20 heads in the room at the midpoint of ‘dinner time’, we were floored by the non-stop arrival of guests, by just the right amount of (super good) food, by the rapt attention of 99.9% of the crowd (there’s always one or two, right?) during all of the presentation time…  We’ve come to expect that the mood and vibe of any event at Space will assume stunning tones, hues, and frequencies but all the things I just listed pushed it out into a stratospheric evening. Thank you all for the bits of healthy stress that made this happen!!

Slideluck Bangkok was curated by Lee Wells, the founder of IFAC, and featured these amazing artists:

Akkara Naktamna * Alex Prager * Arnis Balcus * Bhnauwat Jittivuthikarn * Biel Calderon * DJ Spooky * Gregory Crewdson * Isarix de Gallier * Jaime Travezan & Morgana Vargas Llosa * Kaensan Rattanasomrerk * Kathy MacLeod * Lena Szankay * Luis Palomino * Marcelo von Schwartz * Marika Dee * Marisa Marchitelli * Miwmaneenoot Boonrueang * Pakkawat Tanghom  * Peera Vorapreechapanich * Philippe Schneider * Saranya Chalermchai * Soopakorn Srisakul * Tomas Bachot * Vinai Dithajohn * Withit Chanthamarit |

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