Staten Island


[Photos by David Deng]

[Text by Alice Austen and Jen Plaskowitz]

“My hat is off to all who made their way to my home, Clear Comfort, Saturday evening; Staten Island has always been difficult to get to but I think we all agree that it was well worth the journey to witness the celebration of Women’s Work put on by Slideluck and the Alice Austen House (I wonder if they know about me…).  A special toast of Summer Ale should be raised to the older gentlelady who traveled all the way from the Bronx and arrived two hours early to watch a talkie about my life;  I especially liked her hat.”

The spirit of Alice Austen was definitely present as over 200 people sat down on her lawn, Brooklyn Brews at hand, to watch a slideshow of over 25 artists making work about the current state of women’s lives. The views were diverse: from the soaring success stories, to the lives of women soldiers in Syria, to the difficulties of life after brain cancer, nothing could have been a better reminder of the vastly different experiences of women, and people all over the world.

This show was especially sweet for the Slideluck team, as it marked the reunion of several team leaders and curators, representing Slideluck on four different continents. To top it off, all of the returning and visiting Slidelucker were women!

As the slideshow ended there was a mad dash for one last beer before the last ferry left the island, but there is a reason why the Austens chose this piece of land to reside on, one visit it makes you want to come back again and again!  A special thank you to our partners and sponsors who made the night possible: the Alice Austen House, Brooklyn Brewery, Viewbook, Sandbox Studio, the Richmond County Savings Bank, Flavorpill, and Perrier.  See you next time!

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