Slideluck’s first show in Singapore took place at The Hub during our whirlwind Asian tour in the autumn of 2014. This show was curated by Charles O’Connor, the Slideluck Singapore Director.

Featured artists:

Amy Elkins * Antony Pang * Alex Prager * Fan Shi San * Frank Coronado * Jaime Travezan & Morgana Vargas Llosa

Jing Quek * Joel Sartore * Lena Szankay * Jun Koh * Meera Navaratnam * Natasha Podogova

Neil Craver * Philip Toledano * Spike Johnson * Sigurd Fandango

Spencer Tunick * Stephen Meierding * Tomas Bachot

Please contact us at if you’re interested in bringing Slideluck back to Singapore!


Saturday | October 11th | 2014

Doors open 6:30PM | 7PM Potluck | 9PM Slideshow

The Hub | 113 Somerset Road | Singapore


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