Caracas I English Recap


[Photos by Josefina Rodriguez and Saúl Yuncoxar.  Text by Veronica Liprandi]

Slideluck Caracas –originally planned in a beautiful garden at the Hacienda Cultural La Trinidad- started under an intense tropical rain which, refreshed us not only from the heat but from preconceived ideas! Here, we are used to improvising and thinking on our toes, thanks to our great team, we were able to move the Slideluck indoors. Even a last minute contributor, was able to lend us a projection screen that would fit in the new space. That’s how Slideluck Caracas started: practicing solidarity…

The attendees, a little bit anxious with Slideluck’s unknown format, but full of enthusiasm and expectations, arrived with their food cooked with love. The blackboard tables waited for the dishes’ names and emails for the recipe exchange and bit by bit they got full of amazing food, most of it fusion style –“mulatas” recipes as I like to call them- representing the typical cultural mix that characterizes Venezuelans!

And food wasn’t the only diverse thing, the slideshow selected by our interdisciplinary jury: Tahía Rivero (art curator), Luis Brito (photographer), Ana María Khan (Complot magazine editor) and Diana Vilera (photographer and promoter of photographic projects) showed the work of twenty artists from different background and trajectory including international artists, and also artists from different regions of Venezuela, we even had a couple of artists from Merida, join us that traveled to Caracas especially for the evening.

The crowd, also heterogeneous, showed that communities strengthen when we are all included!

Our thanks to all the people that braved the weather to join us on a rainy Saturday afternoon, to the volunteers and Slideluck and VAEA staff, to our sponsors and partners La Hacienda Cultural la Trinidad, Viewbook and Vinar, and of course to the artists that applied and participated, making the first edition of Slideluck Caracas a great success!


Veronica Liprandi

The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts

Producer of Slideluck Caracas

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