Slideluck Lunchshow: Alfonso Almendros’s Arroz Sequito

[Text & photos by Jordan Frand]

Every once in a while, the office snacks simply don’t satisfy and Rosie’s glorious food truck just won’t hit the spot. This was one of those days. But we feared not, as our trusty producer Andrew stepped up to the plate. Leafing through HUNGRY STILL (the joint photo-cookbook from Slideluck London, QUAD Gallery, and FORMAT Festival), Andrew decided on a dish called arroz sequito, a version of arroz a la cubana originated by Alfonso Almendros’s mother. We don’t have a pressure cooker at Slideluck HQ, so Andrew just went old-school with a pot and some patience. We all sated ourselves with generous bowls of rice, sauce, and eggs, and though our bodies begged for naps we dutifully returned to work planning more Slidelucks, to the delight of bellies and eyes around the world. A tip of the hat to Mrs. Almendros!

Arroz Sequito
400 g white rice
4 garlic cloves, minced
4 eggs
Olive oil
Sea salt
Tomato sauce
800 mL water

Heat the oil in a large pressure cooker. Sauté the garlic cloves and brown them. Add the rice and sauté it for about one minute. Add the water and move the rice around to prevent sticking. Close the pressure cooker and wait 10 minutes. Meanwhile heat the tomato sauce in a pan and fry the eggs. Serve the rice hot and add on top the tomato sauce and the egg. Eat and enjoy


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