J. Fernando Valls’ “Peacock Farm” to show at Slideluck Bushwick III

Peacock Farm

We are happy to announce that our third event at our Bushwick headquarters will feature a multimedia installation piece by J. Fernando Valls.

Peacock Farm is a sound design & photography installation showcasing the unique work of a natural builder from Eugene, OR. All the sound samples and images used in the exhibit were captured in Oregon by Valls and printed at the Bushwick Community Darkroom. Valls builds his sound design on the fly using his field-recorded samples and projects his mix through a 40-foot array of loudspeakers. This installation at Slideluck’s 2014 Bushwick Open Studios event will be the premiere live sound design performance of this exhibit.

Slideluck Bushwick III

Saturday | May 31st | 2014

Sandbox Studio | 154 Morgan Avenue

Brooklyn | New York | Morgan Ave (L)


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