Directions to Slideluck Bushwick III


[Home sweet home]

Bushwick can be hard to navigate, trust us, we know. But don’t worry, it’s really not that hard to find Slideluck!  Saturday’s show will be held at our Global Headquarters inside Sandbox Studio BK at 154 Morgan Avenue.

If your are arriving by train, the first step is to chose the correct stop.  We are about equidistant from the Montrose and Morgan stops, but it’s easier to navigate from the Morgan stop.  When you arrive at the Morgan Ave (L) station, you’ll want to head toward the exit leading out to Morgan and Harrison Place (not the alternative at Bogart).

Once above ground, you should walk against traffic on Morgan, away from Flushing Avenue. You’ll be going in the correct direction if the first street you cross after Harrison is Ingraham. If you cross Grattan or Thames, turn around and go in the opposite direction along Morgan.

Continue on Morgan for a couple of blocks, and soon after you cross the train tracks you’ll come to Meserole Street, which forms a T-intersection with Morgan. At this point, opposite of the side of the Avenue where Meresole intersects Morgan, you’ll see a two-story building to the left of an entrance for a truck yard. There should be a few trees out front, and the building exterior looks like a warehouse. That’s Sandbox Studio, and inside is SLIDELUCK Bushwick III. 

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