Bushwick III Call for Entries

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Slideluck is bringing it all back home to Brooklyn for this year’s Bushwick Open Studios.  Join us at Sandbox Studio for a evening of food, drink, and art. Submit your work today!  We’re looking for Bushwick- and Baltimore- based photographers and visual artists to submit their work. The slideshow will be a Bushwick-Baltimore exchange.  One half will feature 10 artists working in Bushwick – each paired with music by Bushwick musicians and curated by Alanna Heiss and the Clocktower team.  Heiss founded PS1, the Clocktower Gallery and Art International Radio.  The other 10 artists will be selected by Doreen Bolger, Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art, and will be paired with Baltimore bands.   Slideluck features emerging and established photographers and artists whose work is imaginative and thought-provoking. Past Slideluck contributors include Nadav Kander, Bruce Davidson, Gregory Crewdson, Lauren Greenfield, Chuck Close, Shepard Fairey, Alex Prager, Martin Parr, Edward Burtynsky and thousands of others. Submission deadline: Friday, May 23, 2014 SLIDELUCK Bushwick III Saturday | May 31st | 2014 Sandbox Studio | 154 Morgan Avenue Brooklyn | New York | Morgan Ave (L)

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