Tel Aviv III

Slideluck returned to Tel Aviv for the third time on Thursday, June 12th, 2014. Hundreds joined us at Alfred Gallery to partake in a feast of homecooked dishes.  After appetites were satiated and thirsts were quenched, Slideluckers enjoyed a slideshow curated by Molly Surno, founder and director of Cinema 16 as well as an internationally exhibiting artist in her own right, and Slideluck founder Casey Kelbaugh.

            AES + F  *  Amanda Mehl  *  Andreas Laszlo Konrath  *  Ariel Bardi  *  Cooking Sections   *  Daria Lombroso  *  Eyal Segal                  Gideon Smilansky   Guy Yanai  *  Ido Shemi  *  Inbal Abergil  *  Jen DeNike  *  Jordan Rathus  *  Joshua Zucker-Pluda                   Lisa Ohlweiler   *  Maya Gelfman   *   Michal Alpern  *  Michael Kontopoulos  *  Nimrod Gershoni  *  Nir Harel  *  Rotem Ritov    Shahar Tuchner  *  Signor Gi  *  Vered Aharonovitch

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