Rachel Wolfe at the Bolsky Gallery in Los Angeles

Sumasu is the recent work of Rachel Wolfe (Chicago IV) to be exhibited at the Bolsky Gallery in Los Angeles this January.  Inspired by the nature of existence, human ritual, possibility, and relationships between American and Japanese cultures, Sumasu means to come to a stillness, finish or end, particularly through a filtering process. Accumulated experiences of daily life are explored in the subjects, highlighting photography’s ability to translate transience, enact upon inanimate objects and effect perspective. Ontology, or the study of being, reality or existence, subjectivism and the phenomenal become meditative qualities in Sumasu.
Aside from this week’s show, work from Rachel’s book and project, ESPLA, is featured in Issue 02 of VIA Publication, and a multi-volume book from a month-long assignment in Japan is in progress.  Learn more about her projects on her website, where you can also join her mailing list and find her blog.
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