Fez I

New York, London, São Paolo, Milan, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sydney, Copenhagen, Bogotá, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Nairobi, Paris, Berlin, Montrèal, Tel Aviv, Austin, Warsaw, Barcelona, Miami and deba . . . Fez!

Slideluck Fez I was held April 6, 2014, at the American Language Center & Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF Riad), and was a wonderful evening filled with art, food, and community. The slideshow featured 14 emerging and established Fez photographers and artists as well as 10 youth photographer students from the local Dar Chabab (youth center). We’re all looking forward to the next Slideluck in Fez! 

The curatorial board for this show was:

Amoy Barnes, Slideluck Fez Director

Omar ChennafiPhotographer

Suzanna Clark, Cultural Coordinator American Language Center

Mohammed Hamdouni, Cultural Coordinator-Fez Morocco

Raul Guerrero, Co-Curator, Exhibiting Artist

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