Intimacy in Struggle: “Flame Tempered” at The Living Gallery

[Text by Etty Yaniv, photograph by Alexis Devaney]

It is hard to believe that the imagery in Flame Tempered, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall’s evocative ceramic installation at The Living Gallery derives from hard data. Floating in various heights on fishing lines, the bone-white unglazed ceramic pieces evoke hybrids of skeleton, skin, and twisted baseball bats, which are grouped to form an uncategorized biomorphic system.  Reduced and lit from the inside, the ceramic objects consist of short linear shapes that cross, overlap, and run parallel to each other, thus casting dramatic shadows on the floor and the surrounding walls. They convey a rhythmic dance of light and dark, a visually enticing installation that compels the viewer to walk around and then try to decode the narrative from up close…[more]


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