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Entre Margens presents the first Slideluck event in Portugal!

To celebrate World’s Photography Day in Porto, the project Entre Margens and the Portuguese Photography Institute made a partnership to offer more than a dozen activities related to the universe of Photography.

This was the perfect scenery to launch Slideluck Entre Margens!

In our International Talks – that happened between 16th and 18th August – with speakers from Brazil, UK, Poland, USA and Portugal, we announced that Slideluck is arriving in Portugal.

With an audience of over 100 emerging, established, professional and amateur photographers, Slideluck was presented in Porto on the 17th August.

SLIDELUCK ENTRE MARGENS took place in the beautiful MUSEU DO DOURO, in Peso da Régua, on the 21st of September.

Have any questions? Contact us: entremargens@slideluck.com





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