Bedford + Bowery: Jen Plaskowitz & Casey Kelbaugh

Bedford + Bowery

Talking East Village-Bushwick With the Bi-Borough Producers of Slideluck




The concept is kind of irresistible: a free dinner followed by a slideshow of local artwork. The Slideluck Potshow [the former Slideluck Potshow has rebranded as just Slideluck] began in photographer Casey Kelbaugh’s backyard in Seattle in 2000, expanded to Amsterdam, Nairobi, Bogota and beyond, and it’s coming to Bushwick this Thursday. This year, it’ll feature the work of 25 Bushwick and East Williamsburg-based artists (their names are below), one of which will be selected for a solo show at the Living Gallery in October. Bring a homemade potluck dish and you’ll get two raffle tickets for goodies from local businesses.

Kelbaugh has lived in the East Village for a decade, and just started commuting to Slideluck’s offices at Sandbox Studio in Bushwick last week. His producer Jen Plaskowitz does did the opposite (she lives in Bushwick and commutes commuted to the East Village until last week), so we asked them to trade notes about why Williamsburg is “hipster Capitol Hill,” why the East Village hasn’t changed that much, and why Bushwick is both post-apocalyptic and a new frontier.

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