Seattle June 8th: Both Are: A Compound Love Story

Both Are: A Compound Love Story
A group exhibition inspired by J.D. Salinger’s short stories, Franny and Zooey.
Curated by Slidelucker Serrah Russell
Opening Saturday, June 8th, 2013
June 8 – July 25, 2013
For Both Are: A Compound Love Story, seven artists were invited to create new work responding to J.D. Salinger’s short stories, Franny and Zooey. Using video, photography, collage, and drawing, the works are varied and distinct while each artist finds inspiration in characters, themes and phrases within the dense work. The works speak to both the person and direction of the artist, as these unique sources of inspiration combine and collide to tell their own story.

About the Curator:
Serrah Russell is an artist and curator living and working in Seattle. Co-founder and curator of online exhibition space, Violet StraysRussell has also coordinated exhibitions throughout Seattle, including at the City Arts Festival, Paper Hammer Gallery, NEPO House and CAIRO. A graduate of the University of Washington with a BFA in Photography, her work has been exhibited widely in Seattle, including at Lawrimore Project, The Hedreen Gallery, Vignettes, SOIL Gallery, NEPO House and the FRYE Art Museum. Her work utilizes instant film, digital photography, and collage to juxtapose seemingly disparate images creating a tangible remnant of shrouded parallels that form an abstracted and often autobiographical narrative. 
Visit Serrah’s artist website here.
More information about the exhibit is available at the Prism Collection blog.


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