Hank Willis Thomas’ Question Bridge


What is Question Bridge?

Question Bridge: Black Males is the collaborative work of Slidelucker Hank Willis Thomas and fellow artists Chris Johnson, Bayeté Ross Smith, and Kamal Sinclair traveled the country for four years, collecting over 1,600 question and answer videos from over 160 men. On video, a black man asked a significant question of another black man they felt estranged from; on video, a black man representing that difference recorded an answer. The artists molded this rich content into an insightful, provocative and entertaining five-channel video installation—a portal into an inner realm of black male consciousness. It premiered at 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Oakland Museum of California, and over 10 other national museums, festivals, and cultural institutions.

What is Question Bridge Interactive?

Meet the new questionbridge.com – a responsive design platform created to facilitate a healing dialogue within a demographic. When finished, our website will use 21st century technology and social media culture to expose the true complexity, diversity and humanity of an identity group.

By leveraging over 1600 videos collected for the original video installation, Question Bridge Interactive creates a space for exploring specific conversations about black male identity and making new discoveries in the process. Through simple site navigations visitors can filter the conversations by:

  • Universal themes
  • Adjectives participants tagged to describe themselves
  • Location of participants
  • Age of participants
  • Date that videos and themes were added

The site’s initial focus is arguably one of the most opaque demographics in America, Black Males. Through the power of questions and answers, myriads of stories and characters will be set free to break the stereotypes of black-male-ness and explore remedies for long ingrained issues caused by this estrangement. In the future we hope to expand the focus to other identity groups.

Question Bridge needs your support! The project needs to raise $68,000 in 30 days to help build an interactive website and smartphone/tablet app.  For more information on the project and its fundraising efforts, visit Question Bridge’s Kickstarter website here.

Visit the official Question Bridge website.




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