Salon Series I

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in May, a few dozen people gathered across the street from the Brooklyn Brewery for the launch of the Slideluck Salon Series. Our first panel discussion of its kind was moderated by the food journalist and trufflista-about-town, Helen Hollyman and was one of the closing events for the Food Book Fair. The topic: the food underground.

We pulled together a panel of instigators and innovators in the underground dining and supper club scene to talk about where they have been and where they are going. The speakers were Brandon Baltzley, author of Nine Lives; Dave Santos, chef at Louro Restaurant; Adam Sirois, co-founder of Underground Eats, Michael Cirino, founder of A Razor, A Shiny Knife, and Danielle Bell and Pablo Osorio, of de Porres.

What followed in Pure Kitchen was a spirited discussion about each of their unique and varied experiences and objectives. No punches were thrown – at least during the panel itself. De Porres created three amazing Peruvian-inspired dishes, including a ceviche that made a number of people cry tears of joy. And all of this was washed down with refreshing Southern Shandys, made with Brooklyn Pilsner.

Guests continued to hang out, nibble on carrots and horseradish cheddar long after the words “Per Se” had crossed the last speaker’s lips. Stuff was learned, collaborations were conceived and connections were made – a fortuitous launch to the Slideluck Salon Series! And damn, what a fine way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Stay tuned for the next iteration.

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