Nichon Glerum and Sven Jense: From Sofia to Istanbul

POFLOG: The Food and Music Journey from Sofia to Istanbul

Follow Slideluck London V Producer Nichon Glerum and Sven Jense as they walk 800 kilometers from Sofia, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey).  Accompanied by a donkey, their journey began on May 9th, beginning a culinary and musical experience with Roma people along the old pilgrims route from Sofia to Istanbul.

“We prepare our Dutch poffertjes for people we meet along the pilgrims route from Sofia to Istanbul. In return we ask them if we can take a peek into their kitchens. Preferably we share our meal with musicians, to experience their culinary traditions alongside their traditional musical expressions. We look – aided by our Bulgarian partners – for Roma musicians, to record their gypsy music. We bring our own instruments to break the ice. Once in Istanbul, we edit pictures, music and recipes together with our Turkish partner organization, in order to create an epic cultural cookbook, with audio recordings accompanying the recipes. A book that enables its reader not only to prepare great dishes, but also to offer the guests at his or her table the appropriate musical atmosphere.”

Sven Jense is a filmmaker and writer. He produced the documentary REplace which reverses the trip of an African immigrant. His next feature documentary will focus on the plastic rubbish island in the Atlantic Ocean. As a writer, Jense’s book Global Crisis Guide looks at current world financial issues affecting daily lives of people. He co-operates with Nichon an underground living room restaurant throwing bi-weekly themed concept dinners.

Nichon Glerum is a photographer and graphic designer. She has worked art projects dealing with trash in Philadelphia to documenting the Icehotel in Lapland region of Sweden. She has contributed  numerous travel blogs, the Brooklyn Brewery Blog and ELLE magazine. In 2010 Glerum published an interior photography book “Home Is Where the House Is” on the way exchange students live abroad and make their space a home.

Follow the project on their blog POFLOG. Frequent updates on the journey with photos can be found on their Facebook page.

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