Cristina de Middel: Blasting Into Space With The Afronauts


Format International Photography Festival Assistant Curator Federica Chiocchetti interviews Slidelucker Cristina De Middel, recently nominated for the 2013 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for her photobook, The Afronauts.

De Middel’s work re-imagines the failed Zambian Space Program, designed to compete with the US and Soviet programs in reaching the moon and Mars by 1964. De Middel speaks about the project being the document of  “an impossible dream that only exists in the pictures” and an example of the western perception of Africa’s readiness to head into space.  She comments on the state of photojournalism, media regulation, photography as realism vs. fiction as it pertains to her project and the world of media in general.  De Middel also talks about her reaction on being nominated for this year’s Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.

The interview was conducted for the Indian magazine Emaho.  For the in-depth article, visit here.

De Middel’s SLIDELUCK LONDON IV exhibit can be viewed here.

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