CENTER Gallerist’s Choice: Schutmaat & Thibodeaux

Congratulations to Slideluckers Bryan Schutmaat and Brandon Thibodeaux

for winning first and second place, respectively, at the Center 2013 Gallerist’s Choice Awards!


Photo by Bryan Schutmaat

Bryan Schutmaat, a native of Houston TX, received his BA in history and MFA in photography from the Hartford Art School.  His work has appeared in the New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg Businessweek, VICE, Esquire Russia, Vogue Girl Korea and the Houston Chronicle.  His work has been exhibited cities around the world, including  the Jen Bekman Gallery in NYC, Houston Center for Photography, One Eyed Jacks Gallery in Brighton, UK.

Bryan Schumaat will be featured in the upcoming SLIDELUCK London V on April 6th.  View his official website here.


Photo by Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux is a photographer based in Dallas, Texas, who creates portraits in the documentary tradition. In addition to his assignment work and creative commissions, he explores life in the American south.  He is a member of the photography collective MJR, based in New York City.

Brandon Thibodeaux has been featured at multiple Slideluck shows in Austin II III V, Dallas I, DC VIII, San Francisco IV.  View his artist page on here and his official website.





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