Red White & View NYC II

[Text by Suchan Vodoor]
[Photos by Yasmina Belkacem]

Neither unseasonable heat nor thundering rain could stop the crowds from heading down to the Lower East Side for an evening of art and adult beverages last night. It was round two in NYC for Red, White & View, the renowned Tel Aviv art party!

The evening started mellow and the first guests to arrive were friends and family of the eclectic group of artists being presented. And after a few hours and a few delicious bottles of Brooklyn Brewery beers, things began to get quite lively at Gallery Bar!

The crowd was treated to a wide variety of work, from photography to video to painting to sculpture. Pieces from Rachel Rossin, Sharon Zobali, Jon Levi, Jennifer Wein, Ella Mashkautzen, and Sandy Cohen were displayed alongside work from honorary hosts Paul Miller (aka, DJ Spooky), David Elan Foox, and Antoine Verglas. Jenny Bapst debuted her new video for “So Exotic” and rumor had it that the Sugarhill Gang dropped by to take in the music of DJ Fame Cohen!

Just like the first Red, White & View, last night’s soiree was a fundraiser for Slideluck. The attendees contributed over $4000 for Slideluck’s Youth Initiative, a partnership with Building Young Minds to take the art of photography to the underprivileged children of NYC. Who knew that all you had to do to support young artists was come down to Losaida and party for an evening?

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