Barcelona VII

Once in a while, quite infrequently, it gets cold and windy in Barcelona…. March 14th was one of those rare days, so the Slideluck and Pati Llimona teams had to take some quick decissions: moving the Slideluck slideshow, and subsequent dinner, from the 15th century patio to the main hall in the Civic Center building.

The shifting of a few signs and the collaboration of our attendees allowed us to start almost on time, and those few minutes of waiting passed rapidly while viewing Gustavo Germano’s touching Ausencias exhibition in Pati Llimona’s lobby.

Once everybody made it to the main hall, we realized that we had a full room… Approximately 100 persons attended the Slideluck, making it the most successful event in the last few years in Barcelona!

The audience enjoyed the 15 pieces that were projected in the slideshow and we moved on to have dinner in the main hall. We enjoyed all the different delicacies that the public brought: pizza, profiteroles, “tortilla de patatas”, and four different types of pasta salad. Pasta salad is probably the staple of any Slideluck potluck!

The stars of the night were, as usual, the bottles of Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale that were graciously donated by Brooklyn Brewery, with the collaboration of Crusat, their distributor in Barcelona.

With the delicious food, the beer and the photographs from our friends in “Piel de Foto” that were being exhibited in the foyer, the hours passed rapidly. It was already midnight when the last guests left Pati Llimona.

All in all, it was a good night of photography, food, drinks, and conversations with friends, just as one would expect at a Slideluck…

[Text by Albert Such]

[Photos by Oscar Ciutat and Marcelo Aurelio]

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