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Slideluck Baltimore III combined the artistic outputs of two extremely prolific and diverse creative epicenters, Baltimore and Bushwick (Greatest City in America and home of Slideluck HQ, respectively), the slideshows of all included artists were paired with music from their individual communities. Earlier this year the Slideluck Global team showed the work in Bushwick as part of Slideluck Bushwick III, but and though the summer slipped by, we were still super anxious to bring the show down to its second home.

Just as it had in 2012, Area 405, opened its doors to us.  After we set the tables and chairs and awaited the arrival of the first guests, the global team admired the 49 portraits that lined the walls of the gallery, portraits created by young artists of leading community members over the age of 50.

And then they came, slowly at first, but faster with time. Some from across the street, others arrived straight from Berlin (Martha Cooper, how do you manage to be everywhere?). But almost everyone, regardless of origin, came bearing platters, and soon the table was full of delicious homemade dishes. There were curries, smoked salmon salads, gluten-free mac n’ cheese, coconut cakes, game hen casseroles, and chicken wings galore. Somehow everyone held off from snacking until the critical mass had assembled (maybe it was the good conversation, maybe it was the barman’s bottle cap popping skills), but when it did we all dug in at once.

After introductions by Slideluck Global Producer and Baltimore native Jen Plaskowitz and Slideluck Baltimore III curator and Baltimore Museum of Art Director Doreen Bolger, the crowd settled in and the show kicked off. We laughed, we cried, we noticed a lot of similarities between Sowebo and Soweto, and when the screen faded to black, everyone wanted to know when we were coming back.

Slideluck Baltimore III was made possible by generous grants from theWilliam G. Baker Jr. Memorial Foundation, Jane Brown of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, and friends of the arts in Baltimore.


Sunday | October 26th | 2014

Area 405 | 405 East Oliver Street

6 PM Potluck | 8 PM Slideshow | Afterparty to follow

$5 Donation at the door | Homemade dish admited two



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