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In Bogotá, October is a month full of uncertainties. Waking up in the morning, it’s hard to tell if you’re going to enjoy a sunny day or wish you’d packed your umbrella. The day before Slideluck Bogotá, a torrential downpour struck Bogota with a hail so intense that it looked like a snowstorm in some parts of the city. It was unthinkable that the next day, the day of our event, even more water could fall. But it was Bogotá in October!

It was 4pm on a Saturday at Casa SinFin Gallery-Studio, and the skies were sunny. The sound booths were fully wired and tested, waiting only on the arrival of the beautiful DJ Luisa Sanchez and the Jazz Trio. The presentation had been reviewed three times and the brand new 3000-lumens projector was set to make its premiere as the beer was cooling at the bar. The venue had transformed from a Bogota studio and gallery to a Slideluck event space.

But with just half an hour before the doors were to be opened to the public, Bogotá was again struck with a torrential downpour. Water began to run down the wires of the electronic equipment and flood the studio where presentations were going to take place. All computers had to be shut down and disconnected from their power sources to avoid an electrical hazard. We were thrown into momentary disarray as we adapted our plans.

But thanks to each and every one of the Slideluck team members, nerves and uncertainty did not paralyze us. With heads as cool as the beer awaiting us, we regained control of the evening. Finally the skies granted us mercy, the rain ceased, and we were able to restore our location and the connection of audio and video equipment only a half hour behind schedule. Most importantly, all this happened without any disruption to the audience eager to enjoy Slideluck.

Guests marched with dishes from the registration table to the potluck area, where students of a local culinary school executed flawless, architectural dishes for the attendees. More and more food arrived on the premises, along with more guests, until the room was buzzing with music and conversation (more often than not, from mouths full of Bogota’s finest home-cooked dishes!).

The beats played by our DJ were contagious, and equally popular was our jazz trio with handmade instruments. Artists, friends, strangers, musicians and chefs shared the evening with one another, discussing their favorite dishes, and anticipating what was to come during the slideshow. Beer, free to everyone (thanks to the largest craft brewery in Bogotá, Bogotá Beer Company), filled the glasses of guests.

As the dishes began to empty, it became time to dim the studio lights, hush the audience, and begin the slideshow projection. For about an hour, no one budged. Applause and cheers for the artists followed each slideshow. Post-projection, the Bogotá-based Alerta Kamarada kept the energy high as we closed out this celebration of art, food, and community.

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