New York XVI

Slideluck, in conjunction with New York Photo Festival, hosted Slideluck XVI at St. Ann’s Warehouse on Saturday, May 14th, 2011. The slideshow was curated by Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography for The New Yorker, and the theme was “Upheaval”. The first part of the evening consisted of the second annual Beautiful Bountiful Tasting Hour. The participants were diverse and delicious: BK Farmyards, Boswyck Farms, Bubby’s, Dank Cakeballs, DP Chutney Collective, Edible BK, Growing Chefs, Nuts + Nuts, Brooklyn Edible Social Club , Studio Feast, Dannys Macaroons, Front St. Pizza, ABCD’s of Cooking, andRick’s Picks. The Potluck portion of the evening took over the lobby of St. Ann’s, complemented by a classy Broncolor photo booth with photographer Silas Brown. Drinks flowed all night thanks to Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Republic Vodka, and Societe Perrier.

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