New York XIII

After a recession-imposed hiatus that lasted an entire year, Slideluck returned to Manhattan on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at Canoe Studios in West Chelsea. Canoe, a 24,000 square foot, brand-new photo studio that wrapped around the entire west side of the Starret-Lehigh’s 14th floor. This included a 2,000 square foot balcony, on which hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages were being grilled. The weather cleared in time for the event and to provide a spectacular sunset as a backdrop. The theme of the slideshow was “Now”, and the themed and un-themed work were combined into a continuous slideshow, all of which in someway related to what was happening “now.” The slideshow screened in three different studios, and Alys Kenny and Casey Kelbaugh’s opening remarks were made in one studio and then projected in the two other studios.

There was an air of celebration as Slideluck Potshow had just received 501(c)3 non-profit status and was also named one of the “NewYork100” most innovative, rule-breaking, model-changing ideas to come out of the Big Apple by AllDayBuffet. Nikon provided financial-backing for the event, Lowepro and Joby provided product giveaways for members, Resource Magazine and PhotoShelter provided support, Brooklyn Brewery and Perrier helped quench everyone’s thirst, and Cliff Hausner of the MAC Group created a “Golden Age of Hollywood” style photo booth  complete with props and stylist. The turnout was great, but the potluck was a bit mediocre, due to the event falling on a weekday for the first time in NYC. Luckily, there was an antique movie theater popcorn-machine on hand to fill in the gaps. There was an army of volunteers to make sure things ran smoothly and the afterparty took place across the street at The Frying Pan.

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