New York XII

On Saturday, August 2, 2008, Slideluck New York left Manhattan for the first time. About a thousand people gathered in McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. One of the largest open spaces to be found in NYC, it was a Moses-era pool designed during the Great Depression to accommodate 6800 swimmers, and Slideluck was one of its final events.

In the Nikon photobooth was a kiddie pool with all kinds of pool toys, there were spontaneous games of frisbee and soccer, and a team of grillmasters produced hot dogs, veggie burgers and sliders throughout the night. As the country was wrapped up in a historic election at the end of the Bush years, the theme of the show was “Change”. The event saw a ton of press including Flavorpill, The Onion, Good Magazine, The Village Voice, and two spots on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. Support came from Nikon, Brooklyn Brewery, and large team of volunteers. The after party was a lively affair and took place at a nearby bar, Macri Park.

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